Excursión privada de 3 días desde Amman: Petra, Wadi Rum, Dana, Áqaba y el Mar Muerto
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Excursión privada de 3 días desde Amman: Petra, Wadi Rum, Dana, Áqaba y el Mar Muerto

Excursión privada de 3 días desde Amman: Petra, Wadi Rum, Dana, Áqaba y el Mar Muerto

3 days
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Acerca de esta actividad
Día 1  (Monte Nebo, Camino de los Reyes, Wadi Al-Mujib, castillo de Al-Karak y la pequeña Petra)
8.00 h: Recogida en el hotel y traslado a Madaba - Monte Nebo, a las 10.00 h traslado al castillo de Al-Karak, pasando por Wadi Al-Mujib a través del Camino de los Reyes. 12.00 h: llegada al castillo de Al-Karak. 13.00 h: traslado a Petra y parada en la zona de la pequeña Petra. 15.00 h: visita a la pequeña Petra. 17.00 h: registro en el hotel en Petra, ciudad de Wadi Mousa.

Día 2:
7.00 h: recogida en el hotel y excursión a Petra. 16.00 h: trayecto a Wadi Rum (a las 14.00 h en horario de invierno). 18.00 h: llegada a Rum y traslado al campamento beduino en el interior del valle de Rum (12 km desde el pueblo de Rum); 18.30 h: disfrutar de la actividad al atardecer en uno de los sitios al atardecer (el horario cambia según sea invierno o verano). 19.30 h: cena (pollo Zarb beduino, verduras a la parrilla y ensaladas); 23.00 h: noche en el campamento

Día 3
7.00 h: desayuno en el campamento. 8.00 h: comienza el recorrido en jeep de la mañana y visita de algunos de los magníficos lugares de Wadi Rum.
10.00 h: trayecto hacia el golfo de Áqaba. 14.00 h: trayecto hacia el mar Muerto, disfrutando de la playa y flotando en la zona del Mar Muerto. 18.00 h: salida de regreso a Amman, 19.00 h: llegada al alojamiento (el horario puede cambiar un poco porque los días en invierno son más cortos)
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  • Conductor de habla inglesa
  • Traslado en vehículo privado con aire acondicionado
  • Agua y 2 horas de safari en jeep en el valle de Rum
  • Alojamiento según itinerario (1 noche en Petra en hotel de 3 estrellas y 1 noche en Wadi Rum en un campamento beduino con desayuno y cena)
  • Traslado de ida y vuelta al hotel
No incluido
  • Precio de la entrada
  • Guías turísticos locales.
  • Comidas y otros gastos a menos que se indique lo contrario
  • Seguro de viaje
  • Petra por 70 $, Wadi Rum por 7 $, playa del Mar Muerto por 30 $, sendero Siq en Al-Mujib por 30 $)
  • Recibirá confirmación en el momento de efectuar la reserva
  • Durante esta excursión habrá que caminar bastante.
  • Puede comprar la tarjeta Jordan Pass antes de su llegada a Jordania si va a pasar aquí más de 3 noches, lo que le permite ahorrarse el visado de entrada e incluye el acceso a 41 lugares de interés de Jordania. Puede visitar Jordanpass.jo para obtener más información.
95% Cultural
70% Náutica
Three Larsens in Paris
5 | 2018-11-26

The three day Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea tour was fantastic! It totally lived up to the hype! I would highly recommend it to anyone that only has a few days to see the sights.

5 | 2018-06-23

Thank you Viator for featuring Jordan Private Tours - who hooked us up with an amazing tour guide. My friends and I were very fortunate to have Mustafa Nofal as our guide. He knew Jordan and its history like the back of his hand. He was flexible and not once insisted we follow his timings. He'd make adjustments where needed and managed to take us to all the places we needed to go and yet still have time to spare and add a couple more places which were not on the itinerary. Mustafa has amazing tolerance travelling for 3 days with 6 loud and extra hyper females, mostly in a cramped up SUV. Not once did we ever see or feef, even just a hint, that he was starting to get annoyed or frustrated with us. He was very perceptive to the dynamics of our group - he saw how we loved to stop at every corner taking pictures so he doubled up as our photographer we sang our hearts out in the car and he had an amazing road trip playlist ready he saw that we were all up for a bit of the non-conventional tour and offered to take us down through a 400 meter underground tunnel at the Shoubak Castle and took us off the main route at Petra and allowed us to see some of the historical attractions from a different perspective. He had an answer to all of our questions and most of our requests - sometimes even without our asking for it - as an example, Mustafa assured us and delivered on his promise that we'd have wifi signal everywhere we went. There's trips where your guide could make or break your trip and I can definitely say that Mustafa was instrumental in making me and my friends feel that this was one of the most memorable and amazing trips that we've had. To Mustafa, Shoukran Khatir!

Greg Barr
5 | 2018-03-30

This is a great way to see a lot of Jordan in a little time. I had the pleasure of having a personal driver, Murad, who brought me around. He stopped and let me go out and explore each site at my leisure. This was a nice change from being carted around on a big tour bus with a lot of people. Murad made sure to suggest all the good places and good experiences. Bear in mind that the entrance fees are not covered so look into buying a Jordan Pass as to forego a lot of these. Good accommodations as well. Jordan is a great country full of VERY friendly people. If you get a chance, try to find a freelance guide at Petra and if you tip them well, they'll invite you back to their homes for lunch. This happened to me and it was the highlight of the trip.