Recorrido para grupos pequeños a la luz de las velas por las catacumbas de Nueva York
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Recorrido para grupos pequeños a la luz de las velas por las catacumbas de Nueva York
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Recorrido para grupos pequeños a la luz de las velas por las catacumbas de Nueva York

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Acerca de esta actividad
Esta es una excursión de 1,5 horas de duración que comienza en la bóveda de la basílica y luego serpentea a través de los numerosos pasajes de esta exclusiva experiencia por las catacumbas por debajo de la antigua catedral. Durante más de 200 años, las catacumbas de la antigua basílica catedral de San Patricio han servido como el último lugar de descanso para los difuntos. La familia Delmonico, el general Thomas Eckert, confidente de Abraham Lincoln, el Honesto John Kelly de Tammany Hall y el primer obispo residente de Nueva York, el obispo John Connolly, son solo algunos de los muchos que descansan en paz en criptas bajo la nave de esta iglesia que es un lugar emblemático.Esta excursión incluye acceso a zonas restringidas de la iglesia. Podrá recorrer 2 de los cementerios amurallados junto a la basílica, caminar hacia el ático del coro dentro de la nave de la iglesia y pasear por debajo de la antigua catedral, así como dar un paseo por los pasillos de las catacumbas.
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  • Los niños deben ir acompañados de un adulto.
  • Regístrese en el quiosco TNY en el patio del número 32 de la calle PRINCE, entre las calles Mott y Mulberry, donde comienza la excursión. Preséntese 10 minutos antes de la hora de salida.
  • En esta excursión o actividad habrá 15 viajeros como máximo
Mary P
5 | 2019-09-30

My dad and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience! The guide was very knowledgeable, and went into great detail the history of the church and catacombs. I would recommend this for anyone who like learning about history.

Alfonse A
5 | 2019-09-23

This was a very unique tour of the Basilica and catacombs. Our tour guide Kyle was very knowledgeable and humorous, although not many seemed to catch his Sofia Coppola Lost in Translation reference.

5 | 2019-09-13

This was such an interesting tour to find out the history of the church and those buried in the catacombs. Some of the tour involves exploring different aspects of the cemetery and church, before moving onto the catacombs. Our tour guide Britney was wonderful! She was informative and respectful while also providing humour. If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend this tour, regardless of whether or not you're Catholic, it is very interesting to know about the history of the area.

Nelson Alex G
5 | 2019-07-18

Had a great time with our tour guide. I unfortunately forgot his name , but we went Friday the 12th 11am. Our fuide was extremely knowledgeable and respectful of the location. One funny note was how much he knows about Catholic history in NY being Jewish. Thank you we had a great time.

5 | 2019-07-03

Our tour guide Brian was very knowledgeable and very friendly. He shared so many fun facts. We really enjoyed our tour.

Sarah M
5 | 2019-07-03

Our tour guide was wonderful! He knew the history of the church and the area, was fun and certainly made this tour exciting. We plan to do other tours through your company!

Hannah P
1 | 2019-05-13

In a word dissapointed. Tour guide Brien was condescending and not knowledgeable. Kept asking members of tour if they had millions to purchase a crypt, stale jokes, relied on facts from his phone. Shushed my mother when we had free time in church while she was discussing a saint with another member of group. Told people they were not allowed to sit down in the church, older people and those with canes ignored him. Was hoping for a true catacomb and interesting historical tidbits, got a messy church basement filled with storage and a mausoleum. Had to sit thru a cheesy commercial for their tour group, not an educational film. The other guide seemed good, wish ee were in his group! Save your money and go on Madame Morbids Trolley Tour, a true gem, and worth every penny.

Kelly R
5 | 2019-04-26

Dan was excellent, very knowledgeable. He did a great job explaining all the history of the church and the Catacombs were amazing!

Mary A
5 | 2019-03-05

The tour of the catacombs was really well done. Tours like this are always as good as the tour guide and the difference is one who clearly knows and has an interest in what they're talking about. It's not just about spewing's about creating an experience, and Mike is a master at it. I was expecting something spookier, and different than what I got, but I was just as happy with it. I came away learning something about the history of the Catholic church in New York, and it was fun and entertaining. I brought my sister, a trained historian, and Mike could handle any obscure reference and question she could ask. We both enjoyed the tour immensely. I would highly recommend it.

Christina C
5 | 2019-01-21

The "catacombs" are interesting but the history about the catacombs, the church and immigration events was even better. Highly recommend.

5 | 2019-01-01

It was a very nice organized tour with an awesome tour guide Mike. He is funny and not rude. It was nice to learn history about the place and NYC

Morton B
5 | 2018-12-10

Mike definitely knows the History and is well versed in everything on the grounds and property. We went and definitely saw things the Public never actually see unless you go on this tour.

Christine A
5 | 2018-11-26

This is a must. The catacombs are amazing. Their history is steeped in the beginning of US history. The tour includes the inside of the church and the pipe organ. Our guide, Brandon, was a blast. There is ALOT of history that was put across very well. This church is a must see. As Brandon said "This church has been all but forgotten".

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