Escapada de un día a Mont Saint-Michel desde París
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Escapada de un día a Mont Saint-Michel desde París
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Escapada de un día a Mont Saint-Michel desde París

1 day
Día entero
Confirmación inmediata
Acerca de esta actividad
Este es un itinerario habitual de este producto

Pasa por: Monte Saint-Michel, Bp 22 Au sommet du village, 50170 Mont-St-Michel Francia

Su visita a la isla comenzará con un delicioso almuerzo (consulte el itinerario para ver un ejemplo de menú*). Feliz y con grandes deseos de ponerse en marcha, su guía le llevará por las estrechas callejuelas hasta la cima de la pequeña aldea para admirar las increíbles vistas al Atlántico, mientras le revela su fascinante historia. Siga los pasos de los peregrinos de la Edad Media para descubrir la famosa abadía benedictina. Según cuenta la leyenda, el arcángel Miguel se apareció al obispo de Avranches solicitando su construcción. Escuche las historias sobre las espectaculares mareas que rodean la isla y la convierten en un lugar de ensueño

Pasa por: Place des Pyramides, 75001 París Francia

Si le gusta la cautivadora historia de Francia y las vistas más espectaculares, ¡esta es su excursión!
Desde el centro de París y atravesando la hermosísima costa de Normandía, una relajante travesía le llevará hasta la mágica isla rocosa del Monte Saint-Michel, un enclave declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO

Pasa por: Baie du Mont St Michel, 50170 Mont-St-Michel Francia

Con un total de 4 horas para realizar su visita, dispondrá de tiempo de sobra para explorar las tiendas, museos y la naturaleza a su propio ritmo.
*Ejemplo de menú de almuerzo en el Relais St-Michel
Tortilla tradicional
Plato principal:
Salmón con arroz y verduras
Tarta de manzana
Una botella de sidra para seis personas
Una botella de agua mineral para seis personas
Un té o café
Hay 3 opciones posibles entre las que elegir:
• 7.15 h. Recorrido con guía, entrada a la abadía y almuerzo incluidos con salida desde nuestra agencia situada en el centro
• 6.30 h. Recorrido con guía, entrada a la abadía y almuerzo incluidos con salida desde cualquier hotel o residencia en París (con código postal que empiece por 75)
• 7.15 h. Recorrido con traslado solamente al Monte Saint-Michel a su propio ritmo, incluida la entrada a la abadía con salida desde nuestra agencia situada en el centro.
Ejemplo de menú de almuerzo: Restaurante Relais St-Michel
Tortilla tradicional
Plato principal:
Salmón con arroz y verduras
Tarta de manzana
Una botella de sidra para seis personas
Una botella de agua mineral para seis personas
Un té o café por persona

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  • La confirmación se recibirá en el momento en que se realice la reserva
  • Se enviará confirmación después de la reserva
  • La recogida en el hotel es una de las principales ventajas de esta visita. Tenga en cuenta que no se podrá garantizar si realiza la reserva con solo 24 horas o menos de antelación a la excursión.
  • La organización y el itinerario se concretará una vez haya finalizado la reserva
  • El viaje en autobús desde París hasta el Monte Saint-Michel es de aproximadamente 4 o 5 horas por trayecto.
  • El tiempo empleado en el Monte Saint-Michel es de aproximadamente 4 horas
  • El recorrido implica andar mucho y subir escaleras y cuestas, por lo que no está indicado para personas con problemas de movilidad
  • La excursión se realiza durante todo el año, por lo tanto, deberá traer ropa adecuada en función de las condiciones meteorológicas, incluido un calzado cómodo.
  • No es accesible para sillas de ruedas
  • Hay transporte público cerca
  • Asientos infantiles disponibles
  • No es adecuado para viajeros con afecciones cardíacas u otros problemas médicos graves
  • Los viajeros deben tener un nivel medio de forma física
Rubavathy A
5 | 2019-09-30

It was a fantastic trip by bus. The site itself was breathtaking. The climb was a bit difficult but if not fit, then do it slowly at your own pace as I did. I got to take fantastic pictures as I rested.

2 | 2019-09-23

Mont St Michel is a must-see; however, as big a fan as i am of Viator i would not do this tour with them again. Plusses were hotel pick up, smooth coordination and nice bus. Beyond that, the experience fell short in the areas of comfort breaks, horrible lunch service, and commentary. i have done this tour before and know it can be much more fullfilling.,

4 | 2019-08-19

Seeing Mont Saint Michel was very cool to see. The place is crazy busy. The bus ride is long and a bit warm.

5 | 2019-08-16

Not only the place is a must visit but requesting for a Spanish tour was great because of the quality of the guide:Marisa (It is really difficult to find good tours in Spanish) She made us laughed and enjoy and was really kind. She had an excellent knowledge of the place and the history and guided us perfectly. She gave us tips for the time destined to ourselves that were really very useful As in other tours offered by Viator the quality was once again perfect!! Our visit to Paris couldn’t be better!!

Kevin B
3 | 2019-08-12

Our trip to mount st Michel was very well organized and well operated. However, at times we felt unwelcome because we did not purchase tickets for a guided tour with them. In addition, our bus driver was very rude to multiple riders including us. It is very disappointing because that one driver ruins the reputation for that company and I will never do business with them again.

Deborah D
5 | 2019-07-30

Bus left 30 minutes late not good for such a long day to start Too much time at lunch once at the attraction Not enough time at the attraction since we had to leave to get back and got back at 10pm too late due to late departure!!! Need to be on time early for this to work bet

Grace T
3 | 2019-07-29

Very poor experience with Viator. Do not expect what you book online to be accurate. I had booked a package which I specifically pick one that has hotel pick-up after comparing several. The instructions was to get in touch 72 hours before. I had used the app managed booking to communicate with your operator and there was no response for 4 days in a roll. When I called upon reaching France, they told me that there was no hotel pick up in a 2nd call after I had called to confirm and the operator gave me a time for the hotel pick up. In the end, I had to go to the Paris CityVision office and ended up 10 mins late at 7:25am and the bus had departed without me! The lady at the counter was the most helpful and I ended up paying 70 euros more for a different day. Also she was the only person who gave me the correct time to arrive for the tour. She said that the managed booking part was with Viator. I have no idea whose responsibility is really is when you have a button for those who booked online to get in touch but it is just giving the customer the run around. Overall, bad experience with online booking tours via Viator including the airport pick up service also booked through Viator. The driver was more than 1 and a half hours late.

4 | 2019-07-29

Since we spend whole day in the bus - 9 hrs round trip in bus. It would be nice to provide snacks/ drinks or stop at decent places for lunch or dinner not just gas station

Seble H
5 | 2019-07-03

The most amazing place to visit. Well organized company, the tour guide was so knowledgeable and pleasant. The food was not that great, but better than nothing. Overall a very interesting experience.

5 | 2019-07-03

We chose the most basic option which is just the bus ride to Mont St Michel. Overall, the trip was comfortable and the ride is longer than the time we took to visit it. Climb up to see the beautiful view the island provides.

George L
5 | 2019-07-03

Definitely a must do - Just don't go on the day that the museums are closed. As every one goes to Mont Saint Michel

Shirlane W
2 | 2019-04-26

I notified Viator of my dietary restrictions at the time of reservation. I also let our tour guide know when I boarded the bus of my gluten intolerance. The restaurant would only provide overcooked mushy, overcooked veggies that were inedible and not the gluten free meal I requested. I did not expect gourmet fare but this really missed the mark.

sheila o
5 | 2019-04-08

Nice comfortable bus ride. Lunch with view of Mont St Michel. Informative guide both on bus about Normandy and at the Mont.

Mary Ann G
5 | 2019-03-20

Excellent service. Excellent guide. We enjoyed our trip tremendously! We highly recommend this trip!

David B
4 | 2019-03-15

Truly .. Shame for the agency for going along with it and Shame for the relay to even consider serving boiling water with maybe less than 2oz of fish. . Not even salt or pepper in it.... Wasn't expecting much but definitely didn't think anyone would have the audacity to serve something like that in France. ... They figured it's 1 time tourists they are dealing with and obviously don't care. I was shocked !! Again tour was great and the guide we had was really good.

5 | 2019-01-02

We we paid extra for pick up from our hotel, which was well worth the extra as it was a 6.30am pickup. We were taken to the Paris City Vision bus depot which was a very well organised company. This day tour was a huge day trip, but well worth doing. The drive was enjoyable, with a stop along the way. Our French Lunch was included when we arrived, which was just lovely. We then caught the shuttle bus with our guide who took us up every step and hill there was, I’m sure! We were not young, but handled the hills and steps quite well. It was an amazing place to visit, with a feeling of being in a totally different world. We had a little free time at the end and had to meet our guide back at the first stop from the shuttle bus. We became a little lost on our own finding our way down from Mont Saint Michele, but made it out and finally caught the shuttle bus back to our bus! It was a long drive home, but a good rest. We had a stopover on the way home, which was welcomed! We were given a taxi voucher when we arrived back to the depot, and our taxi had been booked and waiting for us! This made it so easy to get back to our hotel after a very long day. This is a very memorable day trip, well worth doing. Just a beautiful place to visit!

3 | 2018-10-01

Nice time at MtMichael trip to and from was long and boring. It would ave been nice to have WI-Fi or a video of some sort concerning the destination. Bus ride took 4 hours each way.

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