Visita Evite las colas al Palacio de Versalles con traslados desde el hotel
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Visita Evite las colas al Palacio de Versalles con traslados desde el hotel
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Visita Evite las colas al Palacio de Versalles con traslados desde el hotel

4 h
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Acerca de esta actividad
Le recogerán en su hotel de París para dirigirse a uno de los palacios más famosos del mundo en una excursión de medio día que empieza a las 9.00 h o a las 14.00 h, o la excursión de día completo que comienza a las 9.00 h y dura 8 horas.

Su guía le llevará al Palacio de Versalles, Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO, evitando las largas colas. Se le facilitará una audioguía que será su fuente de información acerca de la familia real francesa, los Aposentos Reales, la famosa Galería de los Espejos, y el Aposento de la Reina, durante su visita por la mañana o por la tarde.

A continuación, tendrá la oportunidad de disfrutar de un paseo por el exterior del palacio residencia de Luis XIV, el rey Sol. Además, dispondrá de tiempo libre para disfrutar de un paseo en los famosos jardines del Palacio de Versalles.

Importante: esta visita no es totalmente guiada. Su guía le recogerá en su hotel o residencia de París y entrará en Versalles sin colas. A continuación visitará por su cuenta el palacio. Su conductor le recogerá en el Palacio de Versalles para el traslado de regreso a las 12.00 h o a las 16.00 h, en función de su elección. La visita guiada al Palacio de Versalles se hace solamente en los Aposentos del Château de Versalles y el guía podría ser diferente al guía-conductor.

Información importante:
El espectáculo de las fuentes musicales se realiza en el jardín en verano. Durante el espectáculo de las fuentes musicales, el jardín requiere entrada los sábados, los domingos y los martes entre marzo y octubre, así como los viernes entre julio y septiembre. Sin embargo, puede disfrutar de una visita a los jardines si ha reservado la opción de visita de día completo a Versalles o cualquier opción que incluya el espectáculo de las fuentes musicales.
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  • Precio de la entrada
  • conductor y guía
  • Comentario ofrecido por un guía que viajará a bordo
  • Audioguía dentro del museo
  • Recogida en el hotel y traslado de vuelta en Campos Elíseos/Arco del Triunfo (traslado de regreso al hotel si se seleccionó esa opción)
  • Le garantizamos que evitará las largas colas.
  • Espectáculo de fuente musical (si se ha seleccionado esta opción)
No incluido
  • Comida y bebida, a menos que se indique lo contrario
  • Propina (opcional)
  • Recibirá confirmación en el momento de efectuar la reserva
  • Se necesita un mínimo de 2 personas por reserva
  • Debe estar en el punto de encuentro 5 minutos antes de la hora de salida programada.
  • Si cancela menos de 48 horas antes de la fecha de la visita no habrá reembolsos.
  • Si realiza su reserva una excursión de día completo, se recomienda que almuerce antes de comenzar a explorar el Petit Trianon, el Gran Trianon, el dominio de María Antonieta, el Pabellón Francés, la Aldea de la Reina y los otros sitios.
  • El conductor/guía le recogerá en el Palacio de Versalles y llevará de vuelta a París al final del día. Le dejarán en Campos Elíseos/Arco del Triunfo al final del recorrido (traslado de regreso al hotel si se seleccionó esa opción)
  • La entrada para el espectáculo musical de las fuentes no está incluida en el precio en las excursiones de medio día a continuación. Los sábados y domingos del 31 de marzo al 1 de noviembre de 2017, los martes del 26 de mayo al 30 de junio de 2015, así como en algunas otras fechas (viernes 3 de abril, viernes 8 de mayo, jueves 14 de mayo y martes 14 de julio de 2017).
Barry P
2 | 2018-10-16

Billed as a full day tour, but guide led us through Versailles for 1 1/2 hours, then left us on our own to tour the gardens. Guide was very knowledgeable about the rooms and history of the palace, but didn't tell us what to expect for the remainder of the day. Only said you have the rest of the day to explore the gardens on your own after leading us through the extremely crowded rooms, didn't tell us about the restaurants to be found on the Great Canal in the gardens, and said the driver was to meet us at 4:00 for our return to Paris when we were done. IOur drive to the palace from our hotel in Paris was very uncomfortable...four adults in a small car. The tour was not as billed in the listing...a full day tour is not 1 1/2 hours with a guide.

Corey S
2 | 2018-10-15

Our tour began with driver picking us up 40 minutes late. We sat outside our flat, waiting and waiting. When we finally got on the road, he tells us there are two more stops before heading to Versailles. So we drove around Paris for the next 1.5 hours in traffic before even getting on the road to Versailles. When we got to Versailles, we had missed our tour appointment, and the poor tour guy, (our driver) had to scramble for the next half hour to get us in. He did his best and comp us tickets to get into the gardens and Petit Trianon. Still, a big waste of time and hated the ride around ParisTwo of the people in our group were so disgusted, the opted out and left the tour. Do not book this tour that picks you up, they don't tell you about other pick ups and you'll be stuck in a mini van for two hours! Pretty disappointing. The tour itself was OK, driver was a good tour person. The unexpected covert ride was awful.

Curtis E
1 | 2018-07-15

The tour guide was excellent. Regrettably, that was the only bright spot of the tour experience. The transportation support and management's concern for the customer were absolutely deplorable making it the worse tour experience that my wife and I have had as international travelers in our decades of travel. The driver did not speak a word of English. He dropped our group of seven travelers off at a side entrance without a single word. Fortunately, one couple in our group spoke fluent English and French. They asked the driver three simple questions: Where do we enter? Where do we meet our tour guide? Where and when is the return pick up? The driver's only answer was a shrug of his shoulders as he departed. After entering the side entrance security, the seven of us roamed the massive square in front of the palace looking for our unidentified guide and seeking information to no avail. Not knowing what else to do, we entered the long admissions line. A fellow traveler called Viator directly. After being on hold for a considerable time, our fellow traveler was told the local tour provider, PARIS BUSINESS AND TRAVEL, would call immediately. The call NEVER CAME. After standing in the admissions line for well over an hour, one of our fellow travelers heard his name being called out. Alas, it was our tour guide, which was a miracle amid thousands of visitors. Fortunately, all seven of us had remained together as a group. Our guide then picked up five more travelers who were waiting for us to be

Russell D
4 | 2018-07-12

Our driver was 40 minutes late picking us up in the morning and 30 minutes late picking us up from Versailles. Besides that this was perfect to get you to and from Paris to the palace. Once you are dropped off at the palace, you are on your own to do as you wish. I felt there was a perfect amount of time to explore the palace and gardens. You can rent a golf cart to drive around the gardens 40 euro for an hour, which we did.

2 | 2018-07-10

Driver picked up promptly and took us to Versaille. He dropped us off at a nearby cafe and parked. He then escorted us to the pre-purchased ticket line. Gave us a few quick details and said to meet back at the cafe at 1. This is not a tour with a person to guide, rather you pick up an audio and walk around independently. Driver was very polite and pre-purchased or “skip the line” tickets are a must because of the insanely long lines to buy tickets at the gate. However, if I were to do trip again, I would save money and take the metro.

James Gulas
5 | 2018-03-20

What a great way to see Versailles! Our guide, Clare, was fantastic. So so knowledgeable about the palace and it's history. Most importantly to us at least she is Parisian but spoke perfect English slang words and all! We arrived by van with only 8 of us. We were brought up the side entrance where there was no traffic or crowds at all. Entered through the group gate and was handed out tickets. We were whisked through security and into the palace within minutes. Got through the palace and the gardens leisurely. When we came out to take pictures of the front of the palace and the magnificent gates the LINE to get in was ridiculous. Literally hundreds of people. No way those people were ever getting in before it closed. If you're hesitating about the slightly more money for a skip the line ticket or tour.........DO IT!!!! You will be glad you did once you see the general public entrance lines. Ask for Clare - she's one of their best. Also - at the end of our tour, we were supposed to be dropped at either the Arc or somewhere on the Champs de Elysses. We my family wanted to be dropped at a bridge directly across from the Eiffel Tower. The guide took a poll, everyone was in agreement so he dropped us all off at that spot. Nice to have flexibility if the majority agrees!

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