Top 20 solo female travel blogs to follow in 2019
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Top 20 solo female travel blogs to follow in 2019
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Top 20 solo female travel blogs to follow in 2019

It’s not a secret that traveling in solo can sound stressful, boring and not at all fun. Some people prefer taking a trip with friends or a partner. There is no shame in this decision. Everyone has the right to choose the best option of traveling that fits them the most. Finally, what is the aim of traveling? Discovering yourself? New cultures? Understanding that you are capable of “surviving” in different challenging situations that you could’ve imagined before? Each of us has his or her reason for traveling.
MyLittleAdventure’s blog takes you to the discovery of 20 courageous female travelers who made their dream a reality. They will certainly change the way you see the solo female traveling.

Alex in Wanderland

#travelplanning #wanderlandshop #6yearsoftraveling

Alex in Wanderland blog started as a 2-month project which soon became a life-changing experience. The blog is managed by Alex, a young passionate lady who inspires daily by her incredible determination to discover the world. Traveling became a full-time job and lifetime passion for Alex. Alex in Wanderland has traveled across Southeastern Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East to inspire and motivate thousands other women across the globe.

Our favorite article from Alex in Wanderland:
Follow Your Stupid Travel Dreams: My Trip To Seven Magic Mountains
You live near Los Angeles but have never visited Seven Magic Mountains? You’ve missed out on something interesting. In this blog post, Alex shares her impressions on this atypical artwork spot.

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C’est Christine

#travel #lifestyle #traveltips&tricks

Working full-time and managing a travel annuaire de site">blog can be a challenging experience. But it’s not that hard for Christine, the owner of travel and lifestyle blog. After leaving her corporate job in her twenties she decided to travel the world as much as possible. Studying and living abroad is no longer a secret for Christine. C’est Christine will inspire solo travelers to pursue their dreams and travel the world as much as possible.

Our favorite article from C’est Christine:

What I Love (and hate) About Australia:
Being far away from the rest of the world, Australia provokes different reactions among people. In this article, Christine shares her thoughts about Australia’s pros and cons.

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Dreams in Heels

#traveltips #lifestyle #food&wine

Dreams in Heels is an award-winning solo female travel blog that shares inspirations, stories across the globe. Its founder is Olga Maria, a woman who has become an inspiration for thousands of other women. Her dream has always been to break the cultural boundaries and get to know other people. Being a food and wine passionate, she always shares good addresses and tips in Dreams in Heels.

Our favorite article from Dreams in Heels:
24 hours in NYC? A one day itinerary for New York City written by a New Yorker! (+ Map included)
Culture? Entertainment? Shopping? Maybe food? Or all at the same time? New York has everything to astonish you. Check out the article of Olga Maria and you'll definitely get the most out of your 24 hours in New York City.

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Girl About the Globe

#solofemalefriendly #travelhacks #travelplanning

Girl about the Globe is an award-winning travel resource for conscious female travelers; empowering women to travel solo and helping vulnerable girls about the globe. Founded by Lisa Imogen Eldridge, a self-confessed travel addict who has traveled to 130 countries and 98 of these solo. Lisa’s aim is to show that if she can travel solo, anyone can.

Discover the solo destination guides such as Solo Travel in Puerto Rico, which recommends solo female-friendly accommodation and tour companies. Find out what to do on the island, how easy it is for women for traveling alone, what type of solo it is perfect for and how to get around.

Our favorite article from Girl About the Globe:
Best Places for French Speaking Countries
French is largely spoken in some regions of our planet. So if your mother tongue is French or you want to practice this language Lisa has a great list of countries to be considered for your next trips.

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Girl vs Globe

#lifestyle #food #traveltips

Girl vs Globe is there to inspire women across the world to travel and realize their dreams. With multiple life-shaping experiences abroad Sabina, the founder of Girl vs Globe shares her travel experiences with us. Living in the Czech Republic, then moving to Vienna, London, and Moscow made her understand that traveling was her destiny. So she decided to follow her dreams and create something amazing. Are you heading to North America? Asia? Europe or Africa? Think about checking out her blog posts and destination guides.

Our favorite article from Girl vs Globe:
How a Trip to Morocco Saved my Life
Being in depression and realizing that you are stuck in your life can be very stressful. An unplanned trip to Morocco helped Sabina to overcome her depression. With this blog post, Sabina wants to show that difficulties and depression are a part of life and it’s completely normal to feel lost and unmotivated.

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Globetrotter Girls

#traveltips #lgbttravel #housesitting

Globetrotter Girls is a real inspiration for those striving to change the pace of their life. Dani is the inspiration behind this solo female travel blog. Her digital nomadic lifestyle is far from being accepted by everyone. But this lifestyle makes her life unique full of colors and motivation. Globetrotter Girls aims to inspire curiosity about the surrounding world. Having traveled to the 4 corners of the globe, Dani has developed a sense of belonging for her visited destinations.

Our favorite article from Globetrotter Girls:
The Day We Hitchhiked To The End Of The World
Hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere may sound a bad idea. But Dani and her partner handled the situation like pros. Follow the development of their story and find out how hilarious the traveling can sometimes be.

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Hey Nadine

#travelhacks #funnyvideos #lifestyle

The founder of Hey Nadine is a travel passionate who loves to present her travel stories in the form of blog posts and funny videos. She has been invited to White House as part of the Top 130 of the most influential travel bloggers. Her love for traveling and passion for comedy made a great mixture that is presented in Hey Nadine. Looking for travel inspiration in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania or Africa? You should definitely check her travel blog out.

Our favorite article from Hey Nadine:
First Time in South Korea | Exploring Seoul with a local!
Surprise. You won’t find a long article about the best things to do in Seoul. Instead, you’ll have a 12-minute long fun video that will certainly entertain you and discover some of the highlights of this capital.

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Jessie on a Journey

#traveltips&tricks #sustainabletourism #travelpodcast

Empowering solo female travelers is all you need to know about Jessie on a Journey. This inspirational blog wants to show how traveling in solo is easy to realize. Jessie is a travel passionate who shares travel tips, itineraries, good-to-know addresses from her past and present travels. Since 2011, Jessie on a Journey provides with custom plans, travel shop, etc. And if you are willing to listen to travel stories instead of reading them, The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast is a must for you.

Our favorite article from Jessie on a Journey:
Kilimanjaro Trekking: A Healing Experience Summiting Africa’s Highest Mountain
In this article, Jessie is interviewing Retha Charette, a travel passionate and founder of the Roaming Nanny blog. Retha made life-changing steps towards a new life after her divorce and is proud of becoming what she is today.

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Nomadic Chica

#traveltips #travelinspiration #spanishvibes

Nomadic Chica is a travel blog dedicated to travel passionates across the world. Gloria is behind and in front of the scenes here at Nomadic Chica. Gloria quit her conventional job to pursue her dreams. After spending several years in India, Gloria soon understood that she was destined to travel. Gloria travels permanently since 2013 and doesn’t seem to stop. In her blog, Gloria shares her travel experiences, gives advice on traveling in solo as a woman.

Our favorite article from Nomadic Chica:
How to Live Traveling and Working Abroad, including Work and Travel Programs
Traveling full time without a conventional job is a dream everyone wants to realize. But does it sound realistic? How can someone travel around the globe and gain money at the same time? The answer to these questions can be found in this article.

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#travelplanning #traveltips #photography

Digital nomad lifestyle is only for passionates who aren’t afraid of taking risks and enjoying their life at the maximum. The idea behind Otssworld began when Sherry decided to quit her corporate job and leave behind her years of less motivational life experience.
Traveling to more than 23 countries and doing freelance jobs is a new lifestyle for Sherry. She tries to inspire other solo female travelers out there to keep on going and realizing their dreams. She has been to 4 corners of our planet and still continues to explore new horizons and places.

Our favorite article from Otssworld:
Understanding Ramadan in Morocco
Discovering new cultures is an essential part of any travel. Traveling to a Muslim country during Ramadan is an extraordinary experience in the sense that everything changes before and after breaking fast. Cultural acceptance and respect are what is travel about.

Follow Sherry’s adventures on social media:

Rocky Travel

#solofemaletravel #travelplanning #australiatravel

Rocky Travel is a multi-award winning travel blog founded and managed by Michela. Her aim is to help other fellow travelers to travel more in a sustainable, independent and affordable way. Australia being the core of Rocky Travel, Michela wants to transmit her passion for this country. Besides writing about Australia’s highlights, Michela shares also her travel stories captured in Europe, US and Southeast Asia.

Our favorite article from Rocky Travel:
14 Best Road Trips in Australia for the Solo Traveller
If you are planning to visit Australia, you might be interested in discovering the best road trips. As a destination expert, Michela shares her best itineraries with other fellow travelers.

Follow Michela’s adventures on social media:

She’s Catching Flights

#lifestyle #traveltips #photography

She’s Catching Flights is a travel blog initiated by Amber, a Canadian travel blogger who currently lives in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. Her passion for photography and new destinations pushed her to start a new adventure. She’s Catching Flights shares travel tips, itineraries, and good-to-know addresses.

Our favorite article from She’s Catching Flights:
How to Spend Your Day at Sea
Cruise ships are a great way to enjoy several destinations in a limited time period. Besides this, the cruise ships are immense floating cities that have hundreds of fun activities inside. Amber describes how you can enjoy your day on a cruise ship while it crosses the unlimited sea.

Follow Amber’s adventures on social media:

Suitcase and Heels

#traveltips #packingguides #foodie

Hitting the purchase button and getting a flight confirmation are the best sensations for Melissa, owner of Suitcase and Heels blog. Living in Canada isn’t very convenient when it comes to traveling abroad. Melissa always tries to find cheap accommodation and flights and get promotions or coupons when possible. In her travel blog she shares valuable tips and tricks on how to get the best deal out of her travels, the best things to do and see in her visited destinations, etc.

Our favorite article from Suitcase and Heels:
Best Travel Resources
If you are wondering what are the best travel resources to plan, organize and book your travels, Melissa shares her favorite travel providers along with valuable tips.

Follow Melissa’s adventures on social media:

The Atlas Heart

#traveltips #slowtravel #craftbeer

Mimi is the founder and editor of The Atlas Heart blog. Mimi’s aim is to create a community of travelers around her blog and share her most inspiring travel stories and adventures. After being in 35 countries she finally found a home in San Francisco from where she continues to motivate fellow travelers. If you are looking for adventures, outdoor activity ideas, travel tips, you are in the right place. Beer lovers are also welcome.

Our favorite article from The Atlas Heart:
My first 24 hours in Bali
The first 24 hours on a trip have a huge impact on your perception of the destination. Bali is a very authentic travel destination. Find out what perception Bali made on Mimi during her first day of travel.

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The Clumsy Traveler

#lifestyle #traveltips #travelguides

The Clumsy Traveler is a travel and lifestyle blog owned and managed by Sebrin. The idea behind this travel blog is to share Sebrin’s life-changing travel experiences, travel guides and funny stories. If you are interested in photography, beauty, health, food, fashion, and travel, you will certainly find your piece of cake.

Our favorite article from The Clumsy Traveler:
My Most Epic Adventure: Traveling Solo to the Murder Capital of the World
Find out the hilarious story of Sebrin who had to travel to Honduras without any preliminary preparation.

Follow Sebrin’s adventures of this family on social media:

The Shooting Star

#responsibletravel #bestsellerbook #vegantravel

The Shooting Star blog is all about environmental consciousness, healthy travel habits, self-development. Shivya is a courageous and intelligent woman who tries to minimize her environmental impact and contribute to the development of local communities across the globe. If you are interested in Shivya’s personal travel stories and the way her travels shaped her as a human being, you can grab her bestseller book called “The Shooting Star”.

Our favorite article from The Shooting Star:
What I Learnt Volunteering on a Remote Island in Cuba
Responsible travel is the core element of all her travels. Shivya took some days to volunteer off the beaten track in Cuba to discover the local culture and the hidden secrets of the Caribbean sea.

Follow Shivya’s adventures on social media:

The Solo Globetrotter

#solobackpacking #itineraryideas #outdooractivities

The Solo Globetrotter is a travel blog created and managed by Reshma. She wants to show that it’s completely possible to travel even with limited financial resources. Over the last 5 years, she has traveled to the majority of Asia. Volunteering, backpacking are some of the favorite ways of travel for Reshma.

Our favorite article from The Solo Globetrotter:
An Open Letter to Indian Parents – Why You Should Let Your Daughter Travel Solo. At Least, Once
Traveling solo as a woman is a big deal in India. This is why Reshma tries to break stereotypes and explain how traveling solo can shape people as human beings.

Follow Reshma’s adventures on social media:

Travel Monkey

#travelplanning #millenialblog #traveltips

Travel Monkey blog is there to inspire youngsters to travel more despite having a job. These days, you do not need to quit your job and sell everything to travel the world. You can do it despite all that. Written by a full-time dreamer, Travel Monkey blog offers both a detailed resource to budget travel as well as an inspirational guide for navigating through life as a millennial without permanent roots. Considering herself a citizen of the world, Lena brings us through her roller-coaster journey of being a local in few places at a time.

Our favorite article from Travel Monkey:
Volunteering at Kids’ Summer Camp in Ukraine – Experience of a Lifetime
Volunteering has an important impact on self-development. Discover why Lena decided to join a summer camp as an instructor and how this experience shaped her as a human being.

Follow Lena’s adventures on social media:

Wild About Travel

#wildspirit #photography #nature&landscapes

Wild About Travel is a travel blog which is destined to inspire and motivate solo female travelers out there. Being the founder and editor of Wild About Travel Simon is a real travel passionate who takes her time to admire different natural habitats across our planet. This blog is for nature, culture, adventure lovers who are looking for travel ideas and tricks.
Europe, Asia, South America, Africa,and Oceania will no longer be a secret to you if you decide to follow this blog.

Our favorite article from Wild About Travel:
10 Days in Portugal: How to Plan a Unique Trip from Porto to the Algarve
Portugal is a dream destination for cultural heritage and landscape lovers. In her blog post, Simon presents a unique itinerary connecting Porto to the coastlines of the Algarve region.

Follow Simon’s adventures on social media:

Young Adventuress

#storytelling #nature&landscapes #sustainabletravel

Liz’s approach to blogging differs from other fellow bloggers’ approaches. Young Adventuress is a travel blog that shares her deep thoughts about traveling, hilarious stories, sustainable travel tips and tricks, and much more. Sustainability is the core element in Young Adventuress which describes the way Liz wants to shape people’s understanding of travel. She has been to many destinations in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Oceania, Africa, Asia. Currently, she works and lives in New Zealand.

Our favorite article from Young Adventuress:
9 Reasons Why New Zealand is the Best Place for Solo Travelers
According to Liz, New Zealand is a perfect place for solo travelers out there. It’s hardly possible to get lost in this small country. Besides this, the official language is English, so that you have small chances to not succeed on your trip. Discover the other reasons why Liz recommends traveling to New Zealand in solo.

Follow Liz’s adventures on social media:

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