Top 6 weird types of tourism you might want to try
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Top 6 weird types of tourism you might want to try
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Top 6 weird types of tourism you might want to try

When you hear “tourism” you would probably imagine a travel on the sandy seaside or a sightseeing tour in a hop-on-hop-off bus. However, nowadays tourists became more demanding and travel industry offers lots of uncommon, strange and sometimes shocking activities. We choose top 6 most weird things to do as a tourist - check them all and who knows, maybe you will be inspired to try one some day?

Rural Tourism

This type of tourisme returns you to the basics. Instead of an alarm clock - roosters singing in the morning, instead of a coffee machine in the office - a cow to be milked, and instead of vegetables from the biomarket - fresh food straight from the garden. You can organize such an adventure yourself by finding a local guide or to book it with a touristic agency. Count to spend at least one week in the village, to fully feel unhurried country life and get some rest from rapid urban rhythm.

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rural tourism
Rural tourism in the village

Shark tourism

Such an uncommon and dangerous touristic activity as diving with sharks is a branch of eco-tourisme. The main idea of the last one is that “local shark species are more valuable alive than dead”. Thus, touristes are proposed to go deeply into the water and to meet face to face with one of the most dangerous fishes in the world. Of course, safety measures are taken to avoid accidents. Actually, this is kind of “reverse zoo” when a man is in a cage and an animal stays in its natural habitat.

Check out this breathtaking video about shark safari:

Beer tourisme

Another uncommon reason to travel is to degustate various beers in different countries. Why it is cool we asked Johnny - a web developer from, who visited biggest beer festivals in Europe, such as Oktoberfest and Berlin International Beer Festival in Germany, Pilsner Fest in Czech Republic and Birròforum in Italy. Here is what he shared with us: “Beer festival is a real opportunity to taste different types of beer, to discover new varieties and tastes. Moreover, such an event is a fun entertainment, where you can share your passion to beer with friends and meet like-minded persons”.
Indeed, it sounds enticing.

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beer tourism
Beer festival

Dark Tourism

Also called black or grief tourisme, this gloomy travel branch includes visiting places and attractions historically associated with death and tragedy. In the history of mankind there have been various places and events linked together by tourism and death, such as the gladiator fights in the Roman coliseum, the places of public executions and catacombs.

Today the most favorite places to visit by darktourists are:

  • Places of ship wreck
  • Ghost cities such as Pripyat after Chernobyl disaster
  • Ground Zero place of destroyed World Wide Center on 11 septembre
dark tourism
Dark tourism

Astronomical tourism

In most cases, astronomical tourism consists of traveling to various points of our planet to observe unusual and rare phenomenon of the celestial sphere. Usually, it’s a trip to the mountains, because there are the best conditions to monitor the movement of objects, as there is no urban smog and air pollution.
Whether you are lunar eclipse fan or just attracted by the secrets of our universe, the astronomical tourisme may become a real discovery and bring you new unforgettable emotions.

astronomical tourism
Astronomical tourism

Suicide Tourism

It’s a kind of tourism associated with the movement in support of euthanasia, when candidates go to countries where euthanasia is allowed. Nowadays, human euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Canada and other countries. By the way, Switzerland today is the real "mecca" of suicidal tourism - this is the only country in the world where euthanasia of foreigners is legalized. And while the world community is engaged in fierce discussions about the ban or legalization of euthanasia, the number of people who visit Zurich to suicide is increasing yearly. And for the last 4 years, according to statistics published by the Journal of Medical Ethics, this number has doubled.

suiside tourism
Suiside tourism

Jailoo tourism

Jailoo tours are organised to hard-to-reach inhabited places, not touched by civilization, where there is no electricity and mobile communications. Thanks to this, city dwellers have the opportunity to live in medieval or even primitive conditions. Jailoo-tourism is widespread in the interior regions of Africa, jungles of Amazon, mountains and steppes of Asia, forests and tundra of Siberia and North America.

astronomical tourism
Jailoo tourism
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