Top 7 unusual things to do in Moscow
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Top 7 unusual things to do in Moscow

Top 7 unusual things to do in Moscow

What are the best unusual things to do in Moscow? Discover the most interesting and fun things to do in Moscow. From visiting parks and museums to more original Soviet Moscow Tour or Shooting Experience. Learn more about the best tourist sights of Moscow and spend a great time in the capital of Russia!

1. Visit The Kremlin Museum

The Moscow Kremlin is a fortress in the center of Moscow and its oldest part. It is also the main socio-political and historical-artistic complex of the city, the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

The history of the formation, development, and activity of the museum institution in the Moscow Kremlin started almost three centuries ago. Indeed, the history of the museum in the Kremlin, situated in the heart of the country, has always been an important part of Russian history.

It is better to book the Kremlin Tour 2 weeks days before visiting. As an exception, it is possible to order an individual excursion to the Kremlin up to 10 people 1 day before the planned date of the excursion. Regarding visit time, count on 2-3 hours.

Excursions in the Kremlin are held in almost any language of the world: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Hebrew, French, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, Croatian, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Arabic, Persian (Farsi) and others. All guides have licenses for the right to conduct tours in the Kremlin as well as the appropriate accreditation.

Kremlin Museum
Kremlin Museum

2. The Moscow Metro Tour

The next place on our list is the Moscow metro. It is considered the most beautiful metro in Russia and one of the best things to visit in the capital of Russia. During the excursion, you will have a chance to visit beautiful metro stations, 44 of which are recognized as cultural heritage sites. Today the Moscow Metro daily attracts a large number of foreign tourists, visitors from the russian regions and residents of the capital.

The Moscow Metro has existed since 1935, at this time there was a flourishing of the Stalin building. Under the ground, an entire city was built, decorated by the best artists of the country. Since 1955, the metro has been named after V.I. Lenin. Currently, the subway is constantly growing and developing, as you can see during the tour. Excursions are held in Russian, English, and Chinese. Using the audio guide system will make a trip to the world of the metro particularly comfortable and exciting.

Moscow Metro
Moscow Metro

3. Soviet Moscow

Soviet Moscow is a tour that will help you discover Russia during the reign of Lenin and Stalin, as well as to learn more about the life of the Soviet people.

During the tour, you will see the most significant landmarks in the city center such as the Bolshoi Theater, the Museum of Revolution and the Gulag Museum. The last one documents the labor camps where 14 million prisoners were sent between 1929-1953. Stroll down Moscow’s main avenue, visit Tverskaya Street, pass Sluzhebny Vhod, a Soviet style-café and see Eliseevsky Gastronum.

Learn more about other historical things such as Stalin’s terror, secret KGB prisons, the Cold War and the Soviet Movement for Freedom. Discover the current Soviet strongholds in the young democratic nation.

Soviet Moscow
Soviet Moscow

4. Visit Ostankino Tower

The Ostankino TV Tower is the main symbol of Russian television and a significant tourist destination in Moscow and all of Russia. This is the highest freestanding structure in Europe. Its height is 540 meters.

The profile mission of the Ostankino television tower is terrestrial television and radio broadcasting. The zone of confident reception of a television signal from the tower is 120 km and covers a territory with a population of about 20 million people. It is thanks to the TV tower that the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region have the opportunity to watch their favorite TV channels and listen to the radio.

Nevertheless, the Ostankino TV Tower is for Muscovites and guests of the capital, first of all, a modern cultural complex. Located at an altitude of 337 and 340 meters viewing platforms - this is one of the main attractions of Moscow. The viewing platforms of the Ostankino television tower are the only place from where you can see all the sights of the capital at the same time. Visit the TV tower and you will see all of Moscow from edge to edge.

Ostankino Tower
Ostankino Tower

5. Shooting Experience

What could be more original than to shoot from a real machine gun in the center of the training of the Russian army? For shooting, a real Kalashnikov machine gun is used. Kalashnikov was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov - Soviet and Russian designer of small arms, doctor of technical sciences and lieutenant-general.

During this unforgettable experience, you will also learn the history of this notorious gun. It was designed at the end of World War II in the Russian town of Izhevsk and used by the Soviet Army. Today, it remains the most popular of small arms in use, due to its durability and ease.

Gun shooting experience in Moscow
Gun shooting experience in Moscow

6. Lenin’s Mausoleum

Also, one of the best places to visit in Moscow is Lenin’s Mausoleum. Lenin’s Mausoleum is a monument, a museum, and in fact a tomb of Lenin located in the very center of Red Square. However, please carefully read the rules of the mausoleum.

Useful information

  • Opening Hours: daily from 10:00 to 13:00, except Mondays and Fridays. The entrance is free.
  • It is forbidden to use photo and video equipment inside the mausoleum, as well as take photos on a mobile phone.
  • It is forbidden to carry bags, water bottles, large metal objects, etc., inside the mausoleum.
  • It is forbidden to hold hands inside the pockets of clothing.
  • Men are not allowed to be inside the mausoleum in a headdress.
Please note, in the Mausoleum, it is forbidden to keep your hands in your pockets and remove the leader of the world proletariat on a mobile phone or other equipment.

In fact, this sight can be truly called original and unusual, because, in fact, inside the building is the tomb of the famous Soviet leader. However, this monument of art is visited annually by thousands of tourists and it is an integral part of Russian culture.

Lenin Mausoleum
Lenin Mausoleum

7. Gorky Park

Gorky Park in Moscow is the most visited park of the capital. 40 thousand people spend time here on weekdays and 250 thousand spend on weekends and holidays. After a reconstruction, completed in 2011, the park meets the highest international standards, being a space for recreation, creativity, sports, and games.

The doors of the central park of the capital are open around the clock for everyone. Indeed, in its vast territory, it is difficult to get lost, but it is extremely easy to find entertainment for every taste.

It is difficult to get lost here, but it is extremely easy to find entertainment for every taste.

In the warm season, a summer cinema opens, festivals and concerts of music groups are held on the stage of the Green Theater. Alos, sun loungers and snow-white tents are waiting for you at the Olive Beach. You can walk along the Krymskaya Embankment, rent a bike, have a rest at Andreevsky or Golitsynsky pond, or read a book in the rose garden with a fountain. On the official website of the Gorky Park you can find out information about all the events.

Gorky park in Moscow
Gorky park in Moscow

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